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Hepatic tanager
Piranga bermeja 

Piranga flava

The name "Hepatic" is a reference to the color of the male similar to the dull red color of a liver. Its size is 17 cm and weighs from 25 to 40 g. It inhabits at the border of forests and open areas, it is also found in coffee plantations, parks, sometimes in city parks. It is not a gregarious bird but it is generally seen solitary or in pairs. The male has an intense dull red plumage with a pinkish chest while the female has a greenish color on the upperpart with yellowish underparts. Feet are gray and its bill is dark brown on the top and brown-bluish underneath. They feed on insects, grasshoppers, and worms. They also forage on seeds, nectar, berries, wild grapes and other small fruit. The nest has the shape of a shallow open cup made of grass and grass fibers. It is built mostly by the female, although male may accompany her to carry nest material. The size of the clutch is from 1 to 4 eggs that are colored bluish-green with brownish spots. 

El macho es de un color rojizo característico en su parte superior que hace referencia al color del hígado mientras que la hembra es verde oliva por encima con un tinte dorado en la frente, partes inferiores amarillo claro, flancos, garganta y pecho con tono amarillo-oliva. Generalmente solitaria o en parejas. Mide 17 cm y pesa de 28 a 40 g. Tiene iris café, patas grises, pico color café oscuro por encima y azul pálido en su parte inferior. El macho es rojo brillante por encima y por debajo más pálido y con tono rojizo en el pecho. La hembra es oliva amarillento por encima con tinte más dorado en la frente. Amarillo oliva por debajo, verde-oliva en los lados y en los flancos. La garganta y pecho amarillentos. Se alimentan de insectos que atrapan al vuelo. Consumen bayas y frutas pequeñas. La hembra fabrica su nido de forma de tasa. Pone entre 1 a 4 huevos de color azul-verdoso con manchas castañas.

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Hepatic tanager | Piranga bermeja | Piranga flava


Hepatic tanager | Piranga bermeja | Piranga flava


Hepatic tanager | Piranga bermeja | Piranga flava


Hepatic tanager | Piranga bermeja | Piranga flava


Hepatic tanager | Piranga bermeja | Piranga flava


Hepatic tanager | Piranga bermeja | Piranga flava