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Found in familial flocks. Extraordinary facial geometric patterns.  Inhabit dense forested areas and difficult to find.  Some have a curled crest or dropping plumes. Life span from 3 to 6 years.

Se encuentran en grupos familiares. Algunas especies tienen plumaje geométrico interesante. En bosques densos y difíciles de encontrar. Algunas tienen cresta emplumada. Viven de 3 a 6 años.


Name in Spanish: Perdiz Chilindra

Size/Tamaño: 9 in | 22 cm 
Location: Middle to North Colombia 
Altura: <2500 m

Photos by: ©iStock/Getty Images

crested bobwhite, colinus cristatus, perdiz chilindra

Colinus cristatus

male ♂︎

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The small crested bobwhite quail shows a bushy, spiked crest with a light buff face pattern, the breast, abdomen and back of neck is chestnut with abundant spots. There are many subspecies. Females are also crested, but much shorter in length than the male. They are found in small groups.  They prefer dry brushy fields, thorn scrub with grassy areas in interior valleys. These birds are timid and are known to flush explosively with a loud whirring of the wings when disturbed.

crested bobwhite
Colinus cristatus
Species of the family Odontophoridae to photograph 
Species de la familia Odontophoridae por fotografiar

Name in
Name in
Odontophorus gujanensis Perdiz Corcovada Marbled Wood-Quail
Odontophorus atrifrons Perdiz Carinegra Black-fronted Wood-Quail
Odontophorus erythrops Perdiz Collareja Rufous-fronted Wood-Quail
Odontophorus hyperythrus Perdiz Colorada Chestnut Wood-Quail
Odontophorus melanonotus Perdiz de Nariño Dark-backed Wood-Quail
Odontophorus speciosus Perdiz Pechirrufo Rufous-breasted Wood-Quail
Odontophorus dialeucos Perdiz Katía Tacarcuna Wood-Quail
Odontophorus strophium Perdiz Santandereana Gorgeted Wood-Quail
Rhynchortyx cinctus Perdiz Selvática Tawny-faced Quail