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Colombia is currently home to 1957 bird species (81 are endemic), and comprises approximately 20% of all bird diversity worldwide. In addition, it boasts the greatest diversity of hummingbirds with 165 species of the 355 found on the entire American continent. As such, Colombia is becoming a popular destination for birdwatchers. We are excited to share with you a gallery and a comprehensive list of tanager species and others. See our most recent photographs of birds of Colombia and hope you enjoy them as much as we have and find them to be a useful resource.
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Colombia cuenta con el mayor número de aves en el mundo con 1957 especies (81 son endémicas) constituyendo el 20% del total del mundo. Colombia también posee el mayor número de especies de colibries con 165 especies (8 son endémicas) de las 355 que se encuentran en este continente. El país ahora es popular por avistamiento de aves. Incluyo aquí fotografías de mis recientes viajes a Colombia que espero les sirvan y las disfruten. Visítenos y observe aves de altas zonas andinas, gavilanes, carpinteros, aves de la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, el Valle del Magdalen, Norte de Colombia, Llanos Orientales y Amazonas

Birding in Colombia, Blue wing, red head parrot

Meet newly discovered species of bird: The Tororoi Bailador found in October 2019 in the National Park Farallones of Cali, Colombia

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